Consulting and technical assistance for shipowners, ports and maritime players.

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Technical and strategic advisory to maritime stakeholders

Alwena Shipping, founded in 2018 by Ludovic Gerard, offers its expertise to shipowners and maritime stakeholders, taylor-made service is the key word. The agility of the project managers is very much welcome by the clients, who do expect rigorous follow up, in order to make each project a success.

The team works mainly in supervision of new-build projects and major retrofits, particularly in the fields of alternative propulsion, hybridization, LNG, hydrogen, wind assistance etc.

Alwena Shipping also develops innovative projects in cooperation with various design houses, in order to offer to the market modern tonnage, with great energy efficiency, reducing accordingly the carbon footprint

Project Management

From initial idea till commissioning and delivery of the vessel

New ships and conversions

Support to shipowner in all steps, including shipyard supervision

Ship conversion and retrofits, new energies in maritime industry, regulation compliance, condition surveys

Studies and advisory to executive committee with regards to assets optimization, ship management organization, new projects and innovation



With a deep understanding of the marine industry, Alwena Shipping turns every vision into a navigable reality.
Based on our wide experience, references and network, we are offering our expertise for your projects
You will benefit from our expertise and shipbuilding world knowledge, we will support you in your new orders
Retrofit and conversion do often extend asset (ship) life , we are here to support you in this venture
Our cumulative experiences in various company sizes, is to be shared. We are here to go along with the executive team on asset management and process improvement

Energy and propulsion optimization


Together with its partners, Alwena Shipping is developing new vessels powered by alternative fuels and equipped with a vessel-assist system.



Responsiveness, agility and expertise are the keys to the success of our missions and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our team of qualified experts is ready to take on any challenge, from innovative designs to major and complex ship modifications.

A fully responsive organization, able to address most of customer demands
various profiles and work history, a lage accumulated experience and shared, to the benefit of the customers
Client satisfaction
client’ satisfaction is our priority, we adapt ourselves to the requests and requirements


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