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Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

The diversity of our profiles and experiences, in various organizations, is to be shared and made available to our clients.
We support management committees and executive on strategic topics.

Our expertise covers fleet optimization, asset management, energy efficiency management and CO2 emissions.

We are also keen in supporting organization of fleet management teams, to enhance productivity, develop seafarers pool and their competencies, safety and quality.

Wide experience
Strategic Management
Listening customer voice
Advisory Mission
Advisory Mission for fleet management structure reshuffle
CEO of AYRO, start up, wingsails for commercial vessels and yachts
Advisory Mission
Advisory Mission for fleet management structure reshuffle
Interim presidency
Interim presidency of Sea Tankers during sale process
Advisory mission
Mission de conseil pour améliorer la gestion de la flotte
Management consulting
Advisory to the executive founders of the start up SHONE, autonomous navigation
Incorporation, development and management
Incorporation, development and executive manager of Knutsen LNG France

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