Recherche stagiaire architecte naval !

16 January 2020|Human Ressources|

Mission : ALWENA SHIPPING recherche aujourd’hui un(e) stagiaire ingénieur(e) ou architecte naval pour travailler sur des solutions de propulsion alternatives pour les navires de commerce. En commençant par un travail de veille technologique, vous prendrez ensuite contact avec les fournisseurs de solution énergétique pour étudier leur adaptabilité aux navires de commerce de type porte conteneur ou RORO mais également pour

Underwater noise, also an issue for the biodiversity

6 January 2020|News thread|

Noise is also an issue for the marine environment.#QuietOceans, based in Brest and founded by my close friend Thomas Folegot ( is advising governments and maritime works companies. Watch this interesting news (only in french) :

Scrubbers and the Devil

17 October 2019|News thread, Non classé|

As per Alphaliner' study, summarized in below article, it is said that some Liner companies would be considering to speed up their services where scrubber fitted vessels are deployed.Benefiting from low prices for low sulphur HFO would be the key for more profit and better tonnage utilization, but also for more CO2 emissions, dramatically. That would be a shame ,

Already one year !

31 August 2019|Alwena Shipping news, News thread|

Time flies... A year ago I incorporated Alwena Shipping in Marseille. What a fabulous year ! and big thanks to our partners and clients.A quick overview of this busy year: Trips to China (2), London (5), Paris (5), Hamburg (3), Dubai (1), Bordeaux (3) 24 invoices raised to 10 customers Several management and technical missions performed and ongoing almost two

New ressource joins Alwena Shipping

20 August 2019|Alwena Shipping news, Human Ressources|

We are pleased to welcome François-Xavier LOUIS in our team. Gr. engineer and naval architect, François-Xavier started his career at Dragage-Ports, the French company that operates dredgers for the French ports. During his time at Dragage-Ports, he took delivery of two new dredgers built in Spain and managed fully the retrofit of one dredger to LNG as fuel: engine exchange,

O Deep Water

19 July 2019|News thread|

Interesting concept to produce fresh water , pumped offshore.And a new maritime company in France, great & best wishes to OFW Ships !   O Deep Water bottle