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Alwena Shipping strengthens its presence in China

Alwena Shipping strengthens its presence in China

We are delighted that Steven MA joins Alwena Shipping as China Representative.  After a long career in Class Societies CCS and GL, followed by 12 years in CMA CGM. His vast experience of shipbuilding and shiprepair in China, combined with his technical knowledge, will be of great support to Alwena Shipping’ clients.

With Steven on board, we are strengthening our network in China and offering seamless communication with the shipyards, leasing companies, suppliers and ship chandlers in China.

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我们很高兴地通知,马森先生已正式加入阿尔韦纳船务并作为中国区代表。 他在中国船级社(CCS) 和 德国劳氏船级社(GL)长期工作之后,随后在 达飞轮船(CMA CGM)工作了 12 年。鉴于他在造船业和船舶修理方面拥有的丰富人脉, 以及多年的公司经营管理经验和精深的专业技术知识,他的加入将极大地支持阿尔韦纳船务的客户和公司的进一步发展。

随着 马森先生的加入,我们将不断加强公司在中国的布局,并能够提供与中国境内的各船厂、融资租赁公司、供应商及物料供应商等的无缝链接。

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